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Medical & Prescription Drug Program

Three Blue Cross Blue Shield options are available to you – a 60% option with a Health Savings Account (HSA), a 70% option with copays, or a 80% option with copays. Each offers different levels of out-of-pocket costs for covered services and different premium amounts. In some areas of the country, Associates can also choose coverage through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).
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401K with Company Match

You can contribute to AutoNation’s 401(k) Plan, administered by Voya, using tax-deferred payroll deductions. AutoNation contributes $.50 for every dollar you contribute, per pay period, up to a maximum of 4% of your Eligible Pay.
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Company Paid Maternity Leave

Full-time Associates are eligible for a Company Paid Maternity Leave that pays a benefit while you recover from the physical effects of giving birth. Associates will receive 50% of their Eligible Pay for up to 6 consecutive weeks for a normal delivery and up to 8 consecutive weeks for a Caesarian delivery. This is paid for by AutoNation.

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